Designing Dyne: An Entrepreneur’s Story

Updated: Mar 7

"The concept is very simple - To revolutionize the way people meet and connect with each other. "


The idea of Dyne was born at a local Vancouver case competition and with the dedication of a diverse student-led team, that idea flourished to become one of UBC’s top 10 ventures. So how did it all start? Let’s take a few steps back and kick off from the beginning!

Over 70% of students find themselves eating alone on a daily basis. With crazy course schedules and hectic days, it is becoming more challenging to make time for friends and social interactions. The solution? Use food as a medium to connect people! Use our one stop app platform to see when your friends are available, schedule meet-ups in nearby restaurants, and avail exciting offers and discounts on all your favorite foods. It’s never been easier to meet your friends


We were so happy to see our peers support our vision, and together, we celebrated a colossal milestone when we made it to e@UBC phase 1, a prestigious and selective entrepreneurship program! With the guidance of our mentors and the continuous support of our community, Dyne was on the road to success: users scheduled 400+ meetups in four weeks, placed 1st at the Vancouver Pitch Night, and we were even recognized as the youngest startup with the youngest entrepreneurs!

Then COVID-19 hit.

The challenges and obstacles looked insurmountable, but with a strong desire from our CEO to keep pushing forward, and a motivated team working towards a common goal, we persevered. We tweaked our business model to accommodate to the ‘new normal’, innovated our marketing strategies to share our updated vision with our users, and we managed to stay organized despite the challenge of a team working from 7 different time zones.

Working for a startup is quite enticing – this need to constantly innovate is a continuous source of motivation that keeps the team pushing forward. The best thing about working for a startup like Dyne is that everyone gets to see the tangible difference they make through their hard work and dedication – and there’s no feeling more rewarding than making an impact in our community!


To finish us off, and to answer what might be one of our most burning questions – what does it take to perfect an elevator pitch?

To quote our founder and CEO, Arnav Mishra,: “one of the biggest myth which people tell you is that ‘you gotta sell your story in 60 seconds’, but for me I believe you just need to make them curious for a minute, keep them thinking for the rest of the day. The key secret to the elevator pitch is to walk out of the elevator with the person into their office and get a meeting. The pitch in the elevator is not the meeting. It’s just an opportunity you created in order to secure the meeting

For more, check out our Instagram page @dyne.yvr and download our app!

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