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Amy (@_lilbaozi_), a small business owner, shares on storytelling through food

Why did you become a food blogger?

Honestly, this may not be the most standard answer, but I was struggling a lot with my relationship with food and my body. I wasn’t aware at the time but the intense dieting I was doing put my body into scarcity mode and made me really food obsessed. Rather than letting myself eat food, I was thinking about it 24/7, so last summer, I started the account as a continuation of struggle as I was seeing all the food I wanted to eat. However, despite restricting, I had always loved food, so the food account started with a combination of personal struggle and love. Now that I’m in a much healthier mind space, I use it as a reflection of all my happiest moments with both homemade food and special dining out experiences.

"The food account has brought me to connect with so many other foodies and body/ food positivity accounts which has helped me immensely."

What plans do you have for your account in the long-term?

Although collabs and hoping for a lot of following has crossed my mind, I want to keep my account authentic and true to me. My account has been an amalgamation of sharing stories about personal growth and culture along with the stories of restaurants + small businesses. Food acts as a means of memory and connection, and I see my account like a true documentation of my experience, growth, and thoughts that others seem to connect with as well. So, I plan to continue this storytelling and perhaps the stories will continue connecting with someone else out there

How do you think DYNE helps out a foodie creator like yourself?

The best part about the DYNE app is that I can check out restaurants near me! I really like this As DYNE strives to connect people over food, it aligns with everything I value.... connection and yummy food! The app touches on the connection piece that food brings and I think it’d be a great place to share the stories I talk about to a greater platform :)

@_lilbaozi_ Recommendations:

Hmm.. I’m all about supporting authentic, local small business rather than chasing what’s on trend


Thai Hang Vietnamese

Thai Hang Vietnamese Restaurant is one of my faves for incredibly authentic

food at super cheap prices.


Amay’s House

Amay’s House is an amazing and super underrated Burmese restaurant. I

love trying foods from culture’s I’m unfamiliar with and let’s just say...

Burmese food is something y’all def gotta try!

Amy’s Own Business!

Amay Sweets

And finally, my own small baking business with my mum called Amay Sweets

(we did not get the name from Amay’s house) which you can find on IG

@amay.sweets . We share homemade creations of unique Asian fusion

flavours. Mochi, milk bread, and pork floss lovers... Def check us out!

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