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Updated: May 28

"Angela (@alai.eats) shares her top 4 restaurants and using food to express


Why did you become a food blogger?

"I became a food blogger because I’ve realized that I eat out a lot with my

family and friends, and I wanted to capture all of the good food and drinks

I’ve had! The posts that I have on my own feed represents my hard work and

memories. It’s a great way to express myself and my passion for food! In the

end, I’m blogging to have fun because it’s an escape for me after a long day

of work or school.

Becoming a food blogger is a great way to inspire your audience, meet new

people, improve your writing & photography, while continuing to support

your local restaurants and small businesses!”

Start of @alai.eats

I started my account back in the end of December 2019 as @laichen.eats

with my close friend, and then I transitioned to @alai.eats in January 2021

because my friend had other interests to pursue! This gave me the

opportunity to go more full-out with my engagement and posts

My love for food definitely inspired me, but I would say after seeing many

food influencers around Vancouver on Instagram since 2018 I decided to

challenge myself and create an account! Until this day, my friends and family

all inspire me to continue my food account thanks to their words of

encouragement and support. If you want to try something new, I would

highly recommend starting a food blog! - you never know what can

happen. :)

What plans do you have for your account in the long-term?

This blog started off as a hobby, which turned into a passion and great

potential to showcase my work to potential companies I would like to work

with in the future. It made me realize my desire to pursue a social media

marketing career! I can develop new skills and maintain my food Instagram

blog by keeping up with delivering quality content.

As my account continues to grow, I hope that I can continue to meet more people and explore my palate by going outside my comfort zone to try new food.

How is DYNE helpful for you?

The best part about the DYNE app is that I can check out restaurants near

me! I really like this feature because it’s hard to decide what to eat these

days due to Vancouver's growing food industry, therefore, it can help me

explore new places and save time! I can also save money with their coupons

if I arrange meetups with my friends and other foodies. I’m definitely a fan of

discounted food!

@alai.eats Recommendations:

Favourite Dim Sum

Kirin Seafood Restaurant

Kirin is my go-to for quality dim sum! You can’t go wrong with their classic

dim sum dishes and wonderful service. For dessert, their squid ink salted egg

yolk buns is a must! The authentic taste of the egg yolk custard would leave

you wanting more.

Must-try Donut Shop


If you’re ever in Chinatown, you have to drop by at Mello! They serve a

variety of fresh & fluffy brioche donuts; the best part is that each donut is

STUFFED with filling. I highly recommend trying their matcha, strawberries &

creme, and tiramisu flavor!

Classic Individual Hot Pot

Boiling Point

Boiling point is the place to warm you up with their individual hot pots! Their

food is very flavorful, and the portions are very generous, plus if you go

during lunch, you’ll get a complimentary drink included with your meal!

There are only 3 locations in Canada all within the Lower Mainland!

Affordable Katsu

Katsu San

Hit up Katsu San in Richmond for some crispy katsu! Their katsu is made

fresh in-house daily, and if you’re dining in, I recommend getting their

cheese katsu set for ONLY $15! The set comes with soup, rice, veggies, and

condiments. You can also get their delicious ramen too! An affordable place

with friendly service.

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