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Updated: Mar 23


Why did you become a Food Blogger ?

@Vancitycravings first started at the end of my grade 12 year as my capstone project.

At first, I used the account as a platform to combine my love for food, cooking, and

baking with my interest in content production, but soon, I discovered the potential

behind my account!

"My account allows me to share my love for food with a global community!"

What plans do you have for your account in the long-term ?

I definitely want to continue to use my account to share and document all the yummy

food I try! I hope that as my follower base grows, I will be able to use my platform to

support small business and local restaurants!

How is DYNE helpful for you ?

I love that it has a feature for me to see what restaurants are close to me. Sometimes I’ll

be out with friends and we just absolutely have no idea where to go eat; the local

restaurants map on the DYNE app definitely solves one of the biggest minor

inconveniences for a foodie! Of course, all the discounts DYNE has to offer is a big plus

as well!

@Vancitycravings Recommendations:

All time favourite pizza place


This build-your-own pizza spot is my all-time favourite spot! Everything is super

customizable and they have options to cater to all types of dietary restrictions. If you

haven’t gone before, you’re missing out.

Must-try French Toast

Palette Kitchen

If you’re looking for a cute brunch spot, this is it! Everything, even the interior, is super

aesthetic and picture-worthy. Their French toast is like nothing else I’ve ever tried

before and would recommend it to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Cute and Affordable Japanese Spot

Guu with Otokomae

Eating downtown can get pricey but this spot definitely matches their portion sizes to

their price point! They have a “Panko Brie Cheese” that’s super unique and a personal

favourite of mine

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