Internal Spotlight - Women in Leadership

Updated: Apr 11

As women’s history month comes to an end, we would like to take the opportunity

to highlight and appreciate the contributions of the women working at DYNE!


A big part of my education is learning outside of the classroom. Whether it’s getting involved in clubs, volunteering at NGOs, or even working for a start-up like DYNE, these experiences have contributed immensely to my personal and professional development. I find that learning outside of the classroom is one of the best ways to develop hard and soft skills that stay with you forever. So, take a chance on yourself and know that you have what it takes to succeed in your field!

Advice from Yasmine Eid, Marketing Director


DYNE is proud to have an all-women marketing team – these ladies work tirelessly to promote our business on social media and engage with you guys!


With business development being a mainly male-dominated field, DYNE makes sure to have an accommodating and inclusive team; these BD ladies works hard to come up with innovative methods of problem solving and furthering our business model!


These amazing ladies in our Corporate Relations department work hard to secure partnerships with your local Vancouver businesses and restaurants! Without them, we wouldn’t have exclusive discounts for you to use.


As the only female on our tech team, Kaede makes sure our website and web app are optimal for your usage! Her experience in coding and computer science have made her an invaluable asset at Dyne.

Interested in working at DYNE? Check out the “Careers” page of our website!

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